SkyTrace connects both parties during a conjunction and provides a secure workflow for collision avoidance.

In addition SkyTrace reduces your risk of collision and extends the lifetime of your satellites by sharing accurate position data between satellite operators. More accurate data means fewer manoeuvres.

Backed by Airbus Innovations and the European Space Agency

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In the case of a high interest event SkyTrace connects both parties together and starts a negotiation workflow

Our negotiation audit trail and workflow ensures everyone knows what is happening and what should happen next. No more negotiations over insecure and unreliable email


Need more information or assistance during a negotiation?

SkyTrace allows you to create service requests and get a more accurate view of the current situation.

SkyTrace provides a platform to share CCSDS data with other operators

Get accurate information on all space objects relevant to you. Automate operations with our high performance API.



Tamper resistant audit trail

Our audit trial database uses Blockchain technology to add tamper resistance.

This means negotiations cannot be altered by us or any third party without alerting the wider community.

Communications secured with End 2 End Encryption

All messages sent between operators in a negotiation are encrypted before leaving your device.

No one has access to the communications other than the parties involved.

Extensive Data Protection and Privacy Controls

You can restrict how you want to share your CCSDS data with our authorization controls.

For example you may only want to share with certain countries or with certain other parties.

High Performance API for CCSDS Data

Our Application Programming Interface is designed to get CCSDS data to you fast and reliably.

We support hundreds of programming languages with code generated from our API schema.

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